When Flash Periods Catch You Off Guard?

When your period catches you off guard

Written by Rita Kyurklyan

What is a flash period and why do they catch you off guard?

You’ve entered perimenopause and your period cycle has become unpredictable, and for some women a period can completely catch them off guard. They can be delayed, early, or even skipped entirely and the closer you get to menopause the more scant your cycle becomes. However, perimenopause can last a fair amount of time and within that time frame you can go six months without a period, and then out of the blue your period is back! That is a flash period. Flash period is not a medically correct term, but it describes a period that shows up after having missed your cycle for several months. Sometimes these periods are so irregular they catch you off guard.

Why am I menstruating once a year? 

While your body is in preparation for menopause if 12 months haven’t passed since your last period then you’re still in perimenopause. Whether it feels like it or not your body is still creating enough estrogen to ovulate. It is not enough for it to happen often but slowly but surely your uterus lining still thickens. Think of your body building a home brick by brick, it takes a while but eventually the home gets built. Flash periods aren’t something to worry about, they just need to be taken into consideration that they can happen and are completely normal. 

What can I do about a flash period?

Unfortunately, you cannot do much to prevent or even know when to expect your flash periods, hence the name. What you can do is have feminine products with you just in case of the off chance that you do get a flash period and you’re not home. You won’t need an entire hygiene aisle in your purse but a light day pad might just be a lifesaver in that moment. Another important thing to remember is that you are still menstruating! Even if it’s happening slowly you are still able to become pregnant. Safe sex is very crucial during this time because even though your chances of pregnancy are slim, they are never zero. 


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